Thursday, August 2, 2012

Age ain't nothing but a number....

So here is the thing.Every once in awhile I run across these dudes who are young ,dumb,and full of cum.Now I am not a perv or nothing like that.It just seems that ageism is alive and I am one that believes that it doees not have boundaries when it comes to these so-called wannabe thug cats.So,check it.

I was on this website and as I was browsing I noticed that a LOT of these young dudes were posting that they did not want anyone of a certain age hitting them up.OK

So,I can respect that.When I was younger,I used to think that anyone that was 30 was too old for me.So

I decided to ignore these young ones in my pursuit of some action,ya dig.

This one dude hit me up.I went to his profile and noticed that he was 21 years of age.I,also,noticed that he had certain age criterion that he was claiming that he only wanted to hit him up.So I responded back to this dude and questioned him about his awareness of my age.As it is clearly stated on my page 37.

We start to chat.Of course the conversation is all about smoking and drinking and did I have a car and things of that nature.

After about thirty-minutes, he says that he and I should meet.Iwas happy to oblige .

Upon arrival,I notice that this dude is sexy as fuck sagging and shit and I already have in my mind what I want to do with this cat.He gets in the car and we dap each other up .He then asks me,"Where the weed at?".I say,I have a dude and we proceed to go make the purchase.Ok,Cool.The next thing he wants to know is where we are going to go and partake of the kush.I tell him that we can go a hotel room.You should have seen the dollar signs in his eyes.

Once we get to the room and inhale,dude gets really comfortable.I mean taking his shoes off,his shirt off,and then reclines on the bed.Then he decides he wants to nap.Okay.So me being the patient person I am ,I let him nap.

After about an hour,I decide that I am not with the shit he is trying to get down with.I leave the room and go to the store.When I get back,this dude has taken off his clothes and is laying under the covers.Hell NAw.

I proceed over to the bed and begin the process of pulling back the sheets.He wakes up and asks me what I am doing.I said,"Brother,I am not about games and I am not a trick".Ya Dig.The next thing I know this young 21 year old  dude with the age criteria was riding this 37 year old dick like a rodeo champ

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