Monday, May 30, 2011



  1. Awesome blog . I always love your entries

  2. Well, I love Matthew's face. The first two head shots are great, the next two body shots are O.K. ...

    But the fifth photo, with his little belly hanging loose over the pool table, Oh! No!

    He needs to lay off the sugar water -- no Cokes, no orange juice, no iced tea -- no fat bellies, please!

  3. Where do you see a belly?Woody

  4. In the 5th photo there's flab around his belly button so thick it leaves a bigger shadow than his pecs. That is not a firm, flat belly. It's just not. That pose, with him leaning forward, exaggerates the flaw, but a bit of thickness can be seen in the standing pix as well.

    It's a disappointment to me because, as I said, Matthew's face is very handsome. That 2nd pix is really phyne, if you note the emphatic eyebrows and the sharp thin line of hair along his jawline that frame his soft lips and alert eyes.

    I guess it seems I'm being picky, well, I am, because little bellies can grow fast if not attended to promptly. So flush the GatorAde, the Red Bull, and all the other liquid sugar drinks! Oh, hope I'm not offending any of your sponsors. ;-)

    But feel free to delete these negative comments because the quibbles spoil the nice mood here in this blog. They do go on and on now, not so good.

    Usually I just want to send notes to all these beautiful men telling them, "Thanks for sharing, I needed that."

    And thanks to you, Mackson.

  5. Woody,I appreciate your comments.Thank you for sharing your thoughts.