Thursday, March 10, 2011

For Henry......Midnight

It was late on a Thursday night.I started gettingworried about my dude. He left earlier that morning saying that he was going job hunting.Cool.
When I arrived home from work,I noticed that the house was clean and there was a plate of food waiting for me in the oven.I smiled .Damn,I got a good dude!
After I showered,I began to eat my thoughtfully prepared food.Pork chops with gravy and rice.My favorite.I looked at the clock on the DVD player and it was going on around 5 o'clock.Hmmmm.Where the hell is this dude.
So I called one of his partners to see if I could locate him.His partner was like ,"Man,he left my house about 2 hours ago."Two hours ago?

Aiight,this dude is somewhere he is not supposed to be and being that he had made some bad decisions in the past,I started to worry a little bit.Time keeps on slipping,slipping,slipping.

the clock
and notice that it is about

8 o'clock.This brother hasn't called or nothing.I start thinking the worst.I go to the kitchen and grab me a beer.Miller High Life,of course.I try to remain calm about the situation.I call one of my boys and we start talking about a situation he is in.I give some
advice on the problem but I don't let him know what is going on with me and my dude.Not that I couldn't tell him, just wanted to keep my situation to myself.There was really nothing to worry about,right?

I look at the clock on the wall.It is 11:30 .

Has this nigga lost his mind?Fuck It.I am going to sleep.

Before I could get into rapid eye movement,I hear the lock turn on the door

I get up and meet him in the kitchen.(Damn,this man looks good.He is taking off his shirt and I stand there for a minute and stare.The next thing I heard was,"Baby,I am sorry about being late but I was with Ronnie and Paco."Ronnie and Paco?He must have saw the look of confusion on my face because he began to explain to me that they were the guys that he had git into trouble with some years ago."Aw",I said."They w anted me to help them with this project,".He told me that they wanted him to help unload some T.V.'s and stuff.

I looked at him like,"Why would you start that old dumb shit again?".He looked at me and said,"Baby,believe me I only did it for this one time,I know that you are tired of supporting me". I told him,"look here baby,I don't mind helping you out because I see that you are trying to do better,ya know,make that change(Shout out to MJ),so I don't mind".
He came over and gave me the sweetest kiss that a dude can bestow upon a brother.
The next thing I know we were on the kitchen floor.Even though our kitchen was small we managed to use every bit of that space well.
We made our way to the den ,on the couch,to the bedroom,to the bathroom,and ended up back in the kitchen.
The next thing I know we simultaneously came every where.AWWWWWWWWW
When I looked at the clock,it was 12:00....Midnight